Did Katrina just agree to have dated Salman Khan?

Katrina Kaif's love affairs with Salman Khan and then Ranbir Kapoor have always caught the attention of one and all. Though Katrina is now slowly opening up to having a relationship with beau Ranbir Kapoor, she never once admitted dating Salman Khan. However, in a recent interview during the promotions of 'Phantom', Katrina may have done just that. 
When asked if she will ever appear in a movie with Salman Khan, Katrina said, "In Tiger there was so much hype about me and Salman returning together. We imagine something like Salman- Katrina were ex lovers / ex friends and now they are back on big screen, so it would be fun. Tomorrow if Salman and I do a film together, there will be a lot of buzz even before we start the shoot for the film because people will have interest in it for obvious reasons."
Well, what do you think of that? Did Katrina just admit to having dated the Bajrangi Bhaijaan? Salman admitted this last November when he announced at his sis Arpita's wedding, "Katrina, you missed an opportunity of becoming a Khan." It was here that Salman addressed Katrina as 'Katrina Kapoor' hinting to her relationship with Ranbir. News had it that Salman also later apologized to Katrina privately for causing her embarassment. 
source: pinkvilla

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