TV actresses give tips on how to lose a guy in 10 days

Post the fabulous response of the ‘fun’ and ‘juicy’ story of guys giving tips on how to lose a girl, the ball is now on our pretty actresses’ court.
Popular TV actresses of tinsel town here share their tips on how to get away from a clingy unwanted relationship and set yourself free!
Read on and get the best tips on hand (wink wink)!!!
Krissann Barretto
Say I love you to him by the third date and start talking about marriage regularly. Check his phone, nag him a lot and tell him never to talk to other girls. Also start changing his lifestyle and he will change you (winks)!
Devoleena Bhattacharjee
Commitment is a big issue these days. Give him all the love, make him your priority. If he is someone worth losing, he will realise that he doesn’t deserve all of it and will run away. But yes, it does depends from person to person.
Aishwarya Sakhuja
Go for extremes! Be this crazy workaholic who has no time for her man. Mostly he will run away. If he doesn't, well then who wants to get rid of such a man who respects you and your work. He is for keeps!
Adaa Khan
Ask for commitment; he will disappear the next day. Avoid physical affection, fight with him for no reason or start demanding things and you will never see him again. Don’t give him space, dominate him, always crib, be suspicious, and ask for all his passwords and he will break up with you the same day (laughs).
Aparna Dixit
My suggestion is if you find the right guy just focus on "never to lose that guy". But yes, if you have to lose one, just be an awesome, self dependent, happy girl. Guys are allergic to happy confident girls, so that can do the trick (laughs).
Pooja Sharma
I don’t believe in such a flimsy understanding of equations. A guy who can be lost in 10 days is not worth acquiring in the first place!
Shafaq Naaz
Become really possessive, this is the only things boys don't like.  Screw his happiness by keeping a constant tab. He is doomed to run away for sure!
Asmita Sood
Do everything you know he doesn't like and he will be gone!
Monica Sehgal
Well I am not that kind of a person. I wouldn’t do that to any guy no matter how putting off that guy's personality would be.
source: Tellychakkar

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