5 celebrities who we definitely want to see on Comedy Nights Bachao!

Kamal R Khan

Who doesn't want to see the number 1 critic of Bollywood get roasted! There are even some people who want to see that happen literally! Honestly, KRK doesn't seem like a person who will take insults and it will all end up in a big mess!

Ali Quli Mirza

Ali is one of the most hated celebs for various reasons. He is not that bad but probably because of the roles he has played he has set an image. There are lot of things the hosts could rant about but i am sure the most amount of jokes would be cracked on his hairdo!

Poonam Pandey

Half of the people just hate Poonam and half of the people don't know who she is! We think the nation should know who she is. I believe a lot of the rants would be about her not keeping her promise which she made during the cricket world cup!

Sambhavna Seth

When it comes to hate, there is always Sambhavna Seth! She is one of the most controversial actresses in the industry and we would definitely like to watch her on the hot seat!

Karishma Tanna

Even though she is one of the most beautiful actresses she is hated a lot! Taking into consideration all the news and rumours she has been in recently, all the hate is justified.

source: india-forums.com

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