8 Bollywood Celebrities Who Made A Comeback With Reality Shows

1) Shakti Kapoor

Bollywood’s most notorious villain was almost forgotten as Shakti Kapoor resorted to starring in sub-standard films. But with his appearance on Bigg Boss Season 5, he made sure that everyone knew that this Bad Man was still around!

2) Shilpa Shetty 

While we sympathize with the harassment that she bore on Bigg Brother, there remains no denying that her career came out all the stronger for it!

3) Puneet Issar

Puneet, famous for his role as Duryodhan on Mahabarata and films like Border, tried his hand at a comeback with Season 8 as well.

4) Minissha Lamba

Minissha was not exactly a forgotten actor, but she wasn’t as famous or successful as her contemporaries. Hence when she decided to step into the Bigg Boss house in season 8, she must have looked to revive her career in one quick go. 

5) Poonam Dhillon

This beautiful lady, a former Miss India, had a pretty successful career run. But in 2009, she decided that the actor inside her was not done yet and that she needed to make a comeback. Hence we saw her on Bigg Boss 3, and ever since then, she has been ruling the small screen!

6) Dolly Bindra

Probably one of the loudest things on this planet, just below an atomic explosion, Dolly has been around in Bollywood forever. But she was yet to strike gold in terms of fame. Bigg Boss 4 gave her so much fame and notoriety that this is the first sentence on her Wikipedia page: “Dolly Bindra is an Indian actress, known for her participation in the reality TV series, Bigg Boss”

7) Rimi Sen

The latest actor to try and revive her almost dead career is Rimi Sen. Currently an inmate on Bigg Boss 9, only time can tell if this gamble will pay off.

8) Shamita Shetty

images: Santabanta

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