Telly Stars Akward moments while chatting

Pooja Singh (currently seen on Star Plus' Diya Aur Baati Hum) - I have two friends with same name and with one; I am very close while I am formal with the other one. Once instead of calling my close friend, I called my other friend with whom I was little formal. I kept talking with him for few minutes and then I realized why is he is so silent. Even he questioned me that what all I am talking about. Then I saw my screen and I realized about my mistake seeing different surnames. Then I quickly started to convince him in a way as if I am talking to him only. It was a very awkward moment for me. This has happened with me many times while chatting too and I had to say sorry for that to handle to situation. The people, who use dictionary on their phones, become a victim of such moments very easily.

Pearl V Puri (currently seen on Star Plus' Phir Bhi Na Maane..Badtameez Dil) - Once my friend was chatting with his girlfriend. His girlfriend was a Punjabi so he asked me as he wants something to write in Punjabi to his girlfriend. I told him to write her Hor Dasso (Aur Batao) in Punjabi but he wrote the spelling wrong. He wrote - Whore Dasso. She immediately blocked him from everywhere she could and after that they never interacted with each other.

Preetika Rao (last seen on Colors' Beintehaa) - My cell phone's contact list has the names of a brother and sister with the same name initial' and the same surname. I don't know how I goofed up so badly one day that instead of texting her with a girly message with a row of kiss smileys, I sent it to her brother instead. I was stunned when I realized my error and immediately texted him, sorry that was meant for your sis.' He just refused to believe me and started pulling my leg saying he knows that I did it on purpose! Later we all had a big laugh on this hilarious goof up.

Shireen Mirza (currently seen on Star Plus' Ye Hai Mohabbatein) - I have a habit of typing very fast so sometimes I do type in the wrong window. I use any kind of words with the friends whom I am most comfortable with. So sometimes in a hurry, I type in the wrong window. I quickly go offline and then I start giving excuses to them after sometime that my phone wasn't with me and one of my friends did that by mistake.


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