Only Nirupa Roy could make these over-melodramatic dialogues look realistic!

Holy mother of Bollywood! Remember how heartwrenching it was to watch veteran actress Nirupa Roy cry and shout 'Nahiiiiii' with so much pain? Yes, it was painful and it felt so real that it used to leave us in tears. Admit it, her motherly affection not only touched our hearts as kids but explained the meaning of 'Maa' to us in a very traditional Bollywood way.

The image that she portrayed onscreen was convincing enough to change our perceptions. Most of Nirupa’s dialogues were so overdramatic that their usage is hard to imagine in real life, but still looked brilliant when came from her side.

And, on her birth anniversary today, we bring you some of her most famous dialogues that continue to define retro Indian mothers for us.

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