Popular catch-phrases of inmates in the Bigg Boss house double their drama!

TV reality show Bigg Boss has seen many contestants over the years who have introduced a variety of catch-phrases that have become quite popular. Remember these?

Zindagi jhandba, fir bhi ghamandba - Ravi Kishan

Disappear! Disappear! - Tanaaz Irani

Spare me! – Pooja Misrra

ASH-mit – Veena Malik

Time out! – Imam Siddique

Aloo Bade Karaare – VJ Andy

Ek number- Ajaz Khan

Considering the talented lot above, it is obvious that the show has given us new elements with each passing season and yet again, the ongoing season has new contestants with new best lines. Enough said! Check out the most used words/lines by present Bigg Boss participants.

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