When Karishma Kotak instantly said Yes to Amit Tandon

The pretty Karishma Kotak has just taken up to star in a music video for a co-actor Amit Tandon. It was so when Amit approached Karishma and had told her that he wanted to make this video in remembrance of his close friend who passed away in the 9/11 attacks.
When Karishma heard this, she said yes right away without much ado. Karishma says, " I respected Amit's sentiments hence there were no further questions asked when he approached me. Death or losing out on a loved one is something I've gone through and anything to make you feel close to someone you've lost even for a split second is the best thing I could do for someone."
The actress is currently shooting for Sohail khans film and is busy promoting her Punjabi film opposite Gippy Grewal.


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