5 Bollywood Couples We Wish Didn't Break-up

Love at first sight is something that the movies have popularized. The actors in the movies take just seconds to fall in love and then vow to spend their entire lives together. But in real life, away from the bright lights and camera, they actually take forever to fall in love. And just after we have gone all dewy eyed over their love affairs, they decide to part ways, breaking our hearts too.

Ranbir and deepika made their bollywood debut around the same time and were much appreciated for their roles and their acting prowess. Both worked together and fell in love. A dream couple who didn't hesitate to admit their love in media. Deepika even got inked with RK which clearly shows the level of their relationship but unfortunately, they had to call it a quit as Katrina had made an entry into Ranbir's heart " TOONE MAARI ENTRIYA DIL MAI BAJI GANTIYA" types.
They still share the same chemistry which was even evident in Yeh jawaani hai deewani and we look forward to their upcoming movie Tamasha.
Fans can only say I Wish they were still together.

2. Ranvir Singh and Anushka Sharma
Ranvir and Anushka came together for Band Baajaa Baaraat and their on-screen chemistry soon turned into off-screen love. The duo were seen together spending time together and went on a  numerous dates. Its rightly said, When crazy meets crazy..things turn wild. Anushka and ranvir both share the same craziness for life but that didn't work out for them.
Ranvir is now dating Deepika and Anushka is with Virat but Deepika's Controversial statement," I look good with ranbir and ranvir looks great with anushka" This surely holds some ground since Anushka and Ranvir's chemistry in Dil Dhadakne Do was quite sizzling
We just can say I Wish they were still together.

3. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif
Salman Khan found the pacifier in Katrina after his numerous failed love strings specially one with Aishwarya. Salman introduced Katrina to bollywood and sooner than soon she became an overnight sensation. Katrina always took advise from Salman on her movie ventures and soon they became talk of the town. Rumors even say Salman was Married to Katrina but Sadly. Sallu bhai had to again go through a heartbreak as Barbie Doll Katrina found love in Kapoor Khaandaan Vaaris Ranbir.
Yes we can only say I Wish they were still together.

4. Kareena kapoor and Shahid Kapoor
This one's interesting.. Shahid and Kareena worked together in numerous movies before Jab We Met when their love strings made some noise in media. Shahid and Kareena are the sweetest and cutest couple bollywood has ever witnessed. They were so much in love that Kareena even had quit many things for his love Shahid alcohol being one of them since Shahis and his family are an ardent followers of Sant Radhasoami Mission which says no to Alcohol and Meat.
But Shahid's over criticism couldn't be taken more by kareena and they split and Kareena Found Solace in Nawab Saif and they soon got married and Shahd is now married to Mira Rajput.
But what can we do we can just say I Wish they were still together.

5.Hrithik Roshan and Sussane
This one took whole of bollywood by surprise. Sussane and Hrithik were deeply in love and got married and even went on too have 2 beautiful kids: Hrehaan and Hrihaan.
What went wrong between the two is still is a mystery but Hrithik had to lose a huge amount as alimony besides his sweet sleep and a mother to his kids.

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