6 Television celebs who are brilliant photographers #WorldPhotographyDay

Photographs talk a lot. A photo has the power to speak a million words. By looking at pictures clicked by a particular photographer, you can peek into his mind and see the world as he does. Good photographers can be found everywhere. But we can connect to only a few of them. Here are 6 television celebs that speak a lot through their photos.

1.       Raj Singh Arora.:
Raj Singh Arora is a very talented photographer. He loves to click whatever he sees around him. Even his candid shots are awesome! He brings life to pictures!

2. Manish Raisinghani: Manish Raisinghan is a very talented photographer who captures every frame with detail. His shots are very bright and happy. You can actually stare at some of them for hours and get lost in the picture!

3. Nandish: Nandish Sandhu loves to click pictures and he is really good at it! Nandish has actually soaked up all the features of his camera and knows how to tweak pictures when needed. He has also taken up underwater photography!

4. Aashka: Aashka Goradia has a very nice collection of clicks. Especially the pictures she has clicked of the sky and clouds! Some of the pictures are really creative and some of the pictures actually speak out to you!

5. Kunal Karan Kapoor:Kunal clicks really beautiful pictures of People, Lifestyles, architecture, landscapes, etc. His shots have a lot of depth and give you a feeling of happiness and calmness. We hope to see more of Kunal's clicks!

6. Sriti Jha:Sriti Jha's pictures are just amazing. She clicks some very interesting pictures. The way she sets the frame of the picture is remarkable. A lot of her pictures will crack you up

source: tellybuzz

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