6 Telly Couples We Wish Didn't Breakup

Love at first sight is something that the movies have popularised. The actors in the telly shows take just seconds to fall in love and then vow to spend their entire lives together. But in real life, away from the bright lights and camera, they actually take forever to fall in love. And just after we have gone all dewy eyed over their love affairs, they decide to part ways, breaking our hearts too.

Divyanka and Sharad met on the sets of Banoo Main teri Dulhann.The Two Fell in love and had 7 blissful years of relationship.
When fans were expecting the news of their marriage they announced their breakup.
Sad news for the fans but we can only say, I wish they didn't breakup!

2. Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon :
Its a well known saying in the industry Reality couples Are Everything But Reality Couple. One such Saying struck are Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan. Gauhar and Kushal met on the sets of reality show Bigg Boss and found affection in each other. Both come from the modelling background yet couldn't find a way to bridge the gaps and sooner than soon they had to split.
All we can say is I wish they didn't breakup

3. Achint Kaur and Mohan Kapoor:
This was the most unexpected breakup. Achint and Mohan were in a relation for 16 years and lived together with their kids. But due to some misunderstandings and lack of desire to continue, they finally announced their separation.
All we can Say is
I wish They Didn't Breakup

4. Karan Kundra and Kritika Kamra:
Kritika and Karan were surely the most happening and hottest couple in the town. They Fell in love while working together for their show and fans went GaGa knowing their alliance. But unfortunately, Good things don't last forever and they announced their split.
Off late their have been rumors of their union and if things workout we may see them as couples again.
But till we confirm, we can just say
I wish they didn't Breakup

5. Tanisha and Armaan Kohli:
One more Reality couple who rose to fame with their love strings on Bigg Boss. They were deep in love which was even seen on the show and off the show they even spent some time together and went on for few vacations before they eventually split.
Alas!We can only say I wish They Didn't Breakup.

6. Karan Singh Grover and Jennifer Winget:
Dill Mill Gayye on the sets of Dill Mill Gayye when Karan and jennifer found soulmates in each other. Karan had been in many relations and even was divorced once before The Duo went on to marry. They spent time together before misunderstandings rose and decided to split.
Fans were left teary eyes hearing the news
But all we can say is..
I wish they didn't breakup!

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