Best Birthday Gift Ever: Ranbir Quits Smoking On Katrina's Birthday

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor were on a small and intimate vacation to Prague for her birthday on July 16. And we were the first one to report that the lovebirds were headed to the picturesque Prague to ring in Katrina’s 32nd birthday.
A recent DNA report suggests what the couple actually did during this birthday getaway. Katrina made Ranbir undertake therapeutic non-smoking sessions. They went to The Original FX Mayr Health Center in Austria, which helps people kick their smoking habits. A source told the daily, “Katrina had heard from Aditya Chopra about this health centre which had a certain type of treatment that made chain-smokers kick the butt completely.”
As per the source, Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukerji had also gone to this place for detox, beauty and health sessions. And after hearing it from them, Katrina urged Ranbir to try out the place. The source added, “It is learnt that part of the treatment is to inject the smoker behind his/her ears. The injections make a smoker quit smoking. Ranbir and Katrina flew off to the spa via Germany before her birthday and spent more than a week there. While Katrina did a few detox sessions, Ranbir took the stop-smoking injections. Now it’s almost three weeks and Ranbir has not smoked.”
The report also stated that, “The shot is administered on the principle of acupuncture (points on the earlobes and near the nose). The special support sessions you receive during these courses reduces the chance of returning to the habit again.” The whole session is worth $400. Worth a try?
And we love how Katrina made Ranbir quit smoking.
source: DNA

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