Divyanka Tripathi is controversial godwoman Radhe Ma’s “bhakt”!

Now, here are a few pictures of Divyanka Tripathi that will leave you in disbelief. Divyanka is a devotee of none other than Radhe Ma, who is in the news currently for her deceitful deeds.
Some leaked pictures of Divyanka show that she has visited Radhe Ma in the past with her family! Radhe Ma has come on the radar of police and media for instigating the in-laws of a 32-year-old woman for torturing her for dowry. The woman filed a police complaint recently against Radhe Ma. As a result, the self-proclaimed godwoman was taken into police custody for questioning. The in-laws of the victim are “devotees” of Radhe Ma. The so-called godwoman, who often wears loud Indian clothing and tacky make-up and flashy jewellery, has been in the news for kissing and hugging her “devotees” in the past. Many other criminal charges have been slapped on her.
In the pictures, Divyanka can be seen bowing her head before Radhe Ma in reverence and the latter standing on a platform in a meditative posture Unbelievable, we must say!
source: pinkvilla

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