“I can't share my story with anyone as I don't want people to curse her” - Gaurav Sharma on breaking up with his girlfriend

Heartbreaks are common in the TV industry, but does any actor openly confess about breaking up with his beloved. Television actor Gaurav Sharma is one such actor who has chosen to be vocal about his feelings on parting ways with his anonymous ladylove.
After dating for 4months, Gaurav and his girlfriend, who belongs to the TV industry, have called it quits.
“I have tears in my eyes but I have to work and make people laugh. I can't share my story with anyone as I don't want people to curse her. It's really hard for a man to pick up pieces of a wounded and a shattered heart and move on especially if its true love. I choose to take it in my stride as one must undergo hardships, breakups and wounds in order to grow more as a person. Post my break up, I choose to spend more time with my own self and my family. I am certain that I will emerge as a winner. As they say, to love and win is the best thing but to love and lose is the next best. I now choose to celebrate life each day with gratitude as they say the show must go on."According to Gaurav, It was his first and last serious relationship and she wanted a better life for herself and wanted to make her parents happy by marrying someone of their choice - a rich businessman.Describing his special moments, the TV actor said ,"There's no such reason for one to fall in love. Having girlfriend isn't necessary but having someone in your life who understands you and who is always there to share your sorrows and happiness is a good thing. It's a beautiful feeling you want to lose everything in love and you still feel like a winner. Her slight smile makes you the happiest person on earth. You ignore everything bad about her and support her. There's no condition in love, no expectation, only pure love."The TV actor also revealed that most people love actors but consider them as a source of entertainment. They are categorized as the most unstable and the most selfish creatures which isn't true. "I hope people understand us and our profession and start accepting us as they accept other professions", concludes Gaurav.
source: pinkvilla

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