Roopal Tyagi in PAIN; read to know why

Having just started her journey on Jhalak Reloaded, Roopal Tyagi is definitely feeling a tad low these days.
Well if you are wondering why, let us give you the details.
The actress recently fell down while rehearsing for her act. Roopal hurt her tailbone badly as is currently writhing in pain. To top it all, she has also been running fever owing to the constant rehearsals and exhaustion.
When we called the pretty girl she confirmed the same and added, “I have been injuring myself from the time I stepped into the rehearsal room. It has been difficult but I am surely enjoying all these challenges. The doctors have advised me rest but I have my performance tomorrow and thus it’s not possible for me to even sit calm. TI couldn’t give my 100 percent in the last performance because of pain, but I hope to rock the stage this time anyhow.”
Way to go girl! All the best!

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