8 Bollywood Actresses Who Lost Their looks With Their Age

With the age, every human being have changes in their looks. The surprise is when they have shocking changes. Take a look at these actresses who lost their looks with their age.

1. Mamta Kulkerni

Ageing has changed her looks totally.

2. Anu Agarwal

Anu Agarwal, the famous Ashiqui girl looks too old now a days and is not even recognisable.

3. Vyjayanthimala

Vyjayanthimala is one of the first South Indian actresses to make it big in Bollywood, In her time she was more than what meets the eye. But,today no one will be able to recognise her now.

4. Mandakini

Mandakini who was one of the most beautiful actress in her time. But as the years passes she looks too old.

5. Tina Ambani

Tina Ambani was famous for her beauty in her days. But all her beauty has lost due to her weight.

6. Reena Roy

Reena Roy who looks beautiful in her days, looks like this now.

7. Kimi Katkar

Kimi Katkar look like this now a days.

8. Moushumi Chatterjee

The beauty of Moushumi Chatterjee has transformed totally.

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  1. Think it's disgusting to imply women become ugly because of age. Youth doesn't stay forever and these women are still beautiful. Idiot.