KJo talks about losing his 'virginity' and more...in STYLE

Director-producer Karan Johar has penned a rather thought-provoking and startling column in NDTV that gives us a glimpse of the super personality’s shy and insecure childhood.
From talking about his first sexual encounter and misinformed ways to being worried about his body, weight, and societal acceptance, his column in the leading news site is a slice of all our lives.
It’s testimony to the fact that even celebs have faced such issues like us. The very relatable and excellently worded piece takes us through Karan’s childhood-teen years-adulthood. It’s peppered with his typical wit and classy humour.
His take on sexuality and sex itself are unconventional, as he wrote, "By the time I lost my virginity, I was 26 and that was after 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' when I felt mildly famous. And so fame took the place of some of the shame. My very shy Punjabi father never taught me about the birds and bees. So shy was he that he may have thought he would get arrested for even talking about it. Then there was my mother, brought up by prudish German nuns. She, of course, allowed me to believe that her very best bundle of joy (me!) had been handed to her by the heavens. I had no siblings, no older brother to enlighten me.”
His naiveté regarding the birds and bees also stemmed from his shy demeanour and reluctance to learn anything new…as he so eloquently stated, "I didn't like watching porn because I didn't find it sexy. I couldn't understand how others got excited watching other people having fun. Porn made me feel worse. It only reminded of my own, well, shortcomings."
He also mentioned his take on blow jobs. "So much so that when a bunch of classmates solemnly swore to a 12-year-old me that a blow job is when you take off all your clothes and lie on the bed with the fan on full, I followed it religiously, And very proudly told them after the summer vacation got over that I had a "blow job" every day"
Giving us glimpses of his cheeky, edgy humour, he talked about what ‘being good in bed’ actually means to him… “I've heard expressions like "Are you good in bed?" What does that even mean? For me, good in bed means sleeping seven hours. Undisturbed! If I get eight hours, that means I'm amazing!”
Over the years, with success and confidence, the director-turned-actor has become more comfortable in his skin and body, he added, “I'm making a declaration - I'm not chasing sex (anymore). If someone wants to chase me, they can certainly go for it. I can't do it - all that stress related to sexting, and should I put off all the lights or make it dim, followed by "am I good in bed"? I was once invited to an orgy. I declined. I can't imagine anything more awful. I really am clumsy! I wouldn't know what to do, where to look. I can barely handle one person, where could I hope to manage two or more?!”
An important takeaway from his column are his inspiring and encouraging words, “I'm also saying (to myself as much as to anyone else) that it's ok to feel unsexy. It's ok to feel nervous, it's ok to not have moments that feel written out of a movie script. I feel Victoria may have a Secret but you don't have to know it! And those Calvin Klein models - don't be fooled by the socks that they got.”
Kudos, Mr Johar! Keep slaying it like you always do…
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