How to Get a Second Date with a Girl You Like

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You finally hear the cherished “Yes” from a girl you really like and dream of (maybe she is one of the Ukrainian brides?). But actually, it is not so difficult to ask a girl to go out for the first time. It is much more difficult to interest her so that the second date takes place. The question is relevant not only for young men and teenagers. The fact is that the first impression of us remains for a long time, and then it can be very difficult to change it. So, learn how to impress a girl from the very first meeting.
Come up with good topics for a conversation
50% of success on a second date depends on a well-suspended language and the presence of intelligence. Gladly answer her questions because girls love to learn more about men. Let it be even like an interview – don’t be afraid to share the facts from childhood or the school period, and so on. Tell honestly about your hobbies and tastes, tell her that you greet cats on the street when there is no one around. Don’t be afraid to seem a bit ridiculous, eccentric man because few people like closed people.

It seems so simple, but a man’s smile can be so charming! A woman will notice a man with a sweet smile earlier than a man who sits with a poker face in the center of the bar. Have you ever noticed that one laughing person infects others with a laugh? Happiness is always contagious! Let her know with your face that you are happy to spend time with her and she will pay back with the same coin.

Respect women’s logic
Agree with her point of view. Don’t think that only you know how to behave correctly in a given situation. Listen carefully to what she is telling you, engage in dialogue, support. For a woman, it is very important to feel that she is interesting to you and everything that she says is important to you. When you are together, concentrate your attention on a woman.

Don’t talk too much
Don’t rush. The second date is not the time to reveal all your cards. Even if you like her and she turns out to be the one you have been waiting for all your life, this is another reason not to rush. Your restraint is your ally. Your communication should balance on the verge of moderate praise and personal pride. Is there a storm of emotions in your head from how cool she is? Just give her a compliment. But don’t slip into careless flattery and don’t lose dignity. The best praise for her is your interest, which is clearly formulated.

Show your intentions
20% success on a second date depends on whether you can show why you come to this meeting. This is a date, and you should let her know about your intentions from the first minute of communication. Eye contact is important too. It tells a girl that you are interested in both her and the content of the conversation. So, don’t be afraid to look into her eyes during your conversation! Hints, flirting, touching, talking, your eyes full of love – everything should talk about attraction and desire. All this distinguishes you from her guy friends. As you know, it is almost impossible to get out of the friend zone.

Follow the two days rule
This is a sad truth, but some guys, fearing to seem intrusive, wait too long before asking a girl to go out once again. And now, two weeks have passed, and during this time, she has found another man for herself. Yes, you don’t have to hurry. Don’t write to her with the offer to meet again immediately after the first date as soon as she gets home. In this case, it is better to limit yourself to the phrase: “Are you at home already?” But in order to ask her out for the second time, we recommend you to wait a day or two. This is enough time to sustain a delicate pause and she has enough time to miss you.

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