9 Best Strategies To Crack A Competitive Exam

Competitive Examinations

Cracking a competitive exam is not a cakewalk- As said by many. It comes with an immense amount of fear and anxiety. With the cut-throat competition, a calm and steady mind is an uneasy task for the applicants. But let’s look at the brighter side. One can achieve the desired results if they follow a proper pattern of preparation. For this purpose, I have compiled a list of 9 best strategies that would help the students to keep on track and stay focused. 

  1. Concepts: A well-done preparation is like the foundation of a building, without which nothing can stand steady. Students must have a clear understanding of the concepts. Why I am saying this is that with the clarity of concepts, one can get the slightest probability to crack even the toughest questions. Knowing what you have to do next is half the battle won.

  1. Preparation: The students should prepare religiously and work both on speed and shortcuts. Speed comes with repetitive practice and shortcuts help in managing time better. 

  1. Fall and Rise: This simply means that one learns from the mistakes made. Learn the hard way first. Keep practising and improve mistakes. Mugging up and running after shortcuts initially will never help.

  1. Study Material: Do not run after 100s of books or 1000s of PDFs lying unseen in your folder( only burrowing an unnecessary space). Look for a good, recommended books that cover almost all the topics and take test series from a renowned coaching institute.

  1. Happiness: Do not exhaust yourself with the preparation. It should come with utter focus and flow naturally. Make a proper schedule that will help you diversify the topics and work on each. Always test yourself at the end to gain more confidence and makes you feel happy. Learn something new every day and update your knowledge on the topic/subject.

  1. Temperament: Now this plays a very important role in the whole ‘cracking exam deal’. You may do everything mentioned above or maybe more. But in the end, everything screws up only at this level where you lose your temperament. One has to stay cool and calm while writing the exam. Leave all the problems at home and only look at what you have in front of you. This helps in putting your efforts in the right place. Also, it helps in dealing with any kind of situation( good, bad or worse) like a PRO.

  1. Read: I would suggest everyone devote at least an hour for reading. Read anything that relaxes you. It is not only an amazing idea of recreational activity but also will help you work on your grammar.

  1. Do puzzles, Brain teasers or general problem solving: This will not only sharpen your mind but will also help you think out of the box.

  1. Hobbies: At the end, give some time to your hobbies. It should solely be a source of recreation. Preparation is always the priority. 

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These are some of the strategies that can help a student to achieve the best result. Rest depends on individuals own preparation ideas.

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