Handmade paintings for different rooms

Our home is the place where we spend most of the time of our lives. And therefore we should try to keep it in a way that makes us happy and has a positive vibe. The decor and interiors of a room pose a huge impact on an individual’s mind. Agree to it or not but it also leaves an impression on your visitors or guest’s mind. Different people have different kinds of room decoration, some prefer to keep it subtle and calm while others want it bright and colorful. Handmade paintings make for an excellent and exuberant way of room decoration. In Fact, a person can know you by the type of decoration and paintings you have in your room. Some people are very fond of posters and wall hangings and like to keep their walls full of items while there are others who like to keep it all empty and clean.

Paintings have emerged as the new item for gifting and decorating.A decent bit of art has this capacity to embody whatever it expects to express. People are more inclined towards artistic things these days. Portraits are one of the wonderful ways to preserve cherished memories forever and is very much in trend these days. You can have different handmade paintings for different rooms. A classic retro portrait for your grandparents’ room, a family picture for the living room,a childhood picture with your siblings in your room etc. Now the question arises where can you get these portraits from.

Paintings, Homemade Paintings

BookMyPainting is one such technology-driven platform having a team of skilled and hard-working Professional artists who work their best to give a new life to your picture in the portrait. Also, it is ensured by the team of BookMyPainting that your painting retains its credibility when professionals work on it. They have a variety of art styles from which you can choose.Your part of the work is to choose a picture and send them. They even help you with the size and style of paintings if you are unable to choose.

You should choose art styles and pictures according to the room lighting and colour of the walls in your various rooms.The various options from which you can choose are:

Charcoal sketches

Homemade Paintings, Paintings

 If anyone in your family has a love for black and white then this is the option for them. These kinds of sketches look best on light coloured or monochromatic walls. They even do great on dark coloured walls.Charcoal sketches are made with raw charcoal and can achieve great contrast in the drawings. They are prepared and preserved with fixative elements which will make them last longer than ever. Get a classic charcoal sketch for your grandparents’ room of their old young times. Or for anybody else who has a taste for it.

Oil color painting:

Homemade Paintings, Paintings

If your family prefers light soothing colors rather than dark and all your house is painted in light colors then oil color paintings will work great in your way. Oil painting is the oldest art form available and has this classic real feeling. They are lustrous and captivating. All those custom oil portraits on canvas go well with light colors and give an ecstatic touch to the room. You can get a family picture as an oil color portrait and hang it in the living room.

Watercolor painting

Paintings, Homemade Paintings

 If you’ve got vivid colors all across your house, watercolor painting has to be your deal. They are known for their colorful and simple splashes. They have this vibrant and jolly vibe which spreads happiness and joy. You can get a picture of your kid’s childhood with you painted as a Custom watercolor portrait and hang it in their room.
This way whenever you are all together in your children’s’ room you can go back to the childhood phase and discuss the notorious things of your respective times.

Pencil color painting

Paintings, Homemade Paintings, Rooms

One more great option is a custom pencil color sketch. They have this detailing and texture shading of graphite pencil sketches and vibrant colors and also a nice elegant feel. These are, as brilliant as an oil painting or a watercolor picture yet they have the surface of a drawing which makes them a great alternative. Get a pencil color sketch of you and your wife/husband for your bedroom.

Thus you can have different paintings and that too with all the beautiful styles in different rooms of your house. Paintings are still but add beauty to your white space. Items like calendars, wall hangings, showpieces, photo frames have all become too old. So lets resort to paintings and give a new look and feel to our house by getting some of these for us as well as others.

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