Top 8 Reality TV Shows of All Time

People love to spend a considerable amount of time watching various reality shows. Reality shows still rate one of the top genres on televisions. People love to tune in every week to see uncut moments and looking at the surprise elements. Nowadays, people prefer to watch their favorite shows online. By using the Hayu discount code audience can get a great discount on their subscription.

 Top 8 reality shows

 In this article we have listed 8 of the most famous reality shows that viewers can binge-watch.


RuPaul's Drag Race

1. RuPaul’s Drag Race

 When we think about something extra and extravaganza we often think about RuPaul’s Drag Race. In this show, one can see drag queens, art and sexuality portrayed in a great way. Most of the time reality shows gains their popularity for all the shade-throwing and dramatic events, and this show has it all. People love to watch this show as one can see the drag queens talking about their experience growing up in the LGBTQ+ community. This helps portray the hardship and leaves the audience emotional. Prepare yourself to see various guest judges, lip-syncing and death drops. The show already has 12 seasons giving us an idea about its popularity.


Next in Fashion

2. Next in fashion

 This show consists of Alexa Chung, Tan France and 18 other famous designers who tried their best to be “Next in Fashion”. Audiences can expect to see new challenges thrown at the participants each week. Among these participants, many even had the opportunity to dress Barack Obama and Beyonce. The winner will get prize money of $250000 and also receive the chance to display their design in Net-a-Porter. By using the Hayu voucher code, people can watch the show.


Queer Eye

3. Queer Eye

 Those who want to watch a heartwarming and wholesome TV show should watch this reality show. The five men will help you get the best version of yourself and also provide a makeover in every department. Tan looks after wardrobe, Jonathan helps with grooming, Anthony helps with cooking, Bobby specializes in interior design, and Karamo helps with culture. People who can’t get enough of this reality how can also watch their Japan version with the help of Hayu promo code.


Love in blind

4. Love is blind

 Most of the time we ask our friends or people we know the question of whether “love is blind”. In this reality show, a man and women get placed inside a pod or controlled environment to see whether they can fall in love with each other without meeting. The couples need to decide whether they want to get married at the end of the show. This reality show consists of jokes, dramas, cringe moments and some happy ever after.


The Bachelor

5. The Bachelor

 When it comes to dating reality shows, the Bachelor gets its place as one of the top reality shows in history. The show already has 24 seasons, and the audiences seem to love it. Most of the time, people lose interest when a reality show runs for too long as it becomes stagnant, but the Bachelor does not disappoint. According to viewers, this season had the most dramatic finale. The audience should expect to see drama and arguments as well as one love story.


Keeping up with the Kardashians

6. Keeping up with the Kardashians

 There is a group of people that dislikes the Kardashians and some love them with their heart. No matter you like or dislike them, the reality show can keep you entertained. The family takes amazing vacations, has messy arguments, exposes some secrets and throws some of the best parties. For those who want to binge-watch any show should check this out as it already has 17 seasons. With Hayu Coupon code you can watch the show whenever you want.


Reality TV Shows, Hell's Kitchen

7. Hell’s Kitchen

 People who love to cook would absolutely adore Gordon Ramsey. This reality TV show portrays the angry but popular Gordon Ramsey. In this show, the contestants get divided into two groups that need to face daily challenges along with dinner service. The winning team often enjoys certain perks such as going on a spa trip or getting out of cleaning duties. This show already has 18 seasons under its belt and two more seasons will air on the summer of 2020.


Survivors, Reality TV Shows

8. Survivors

 Reality show does not need to end, and the Survivors have helped prove it. The show already has 40 seasons. In this show, the contestants have to provide food, shelter and water for themselves while being on isolation. In the recent season, the past 20 winners have to fight against each other to win prize money of 2 million dollars. People have an obsession with this show, as they love to watch the contestants trying to survive.

 People who crave to watch reality TV show should start with one of the shows stated above and binge watch it

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