Indian Celebrities That Went From Rags To Riches

Indian Celebrities

The internet has been one of the best things that came out of the last century. From entertainment platforms like Lottoland Asia to online editing tools, the internet has fulfilled all the possible needs one could have. Similarly, it has also been a great place to get inspired.

There are many success stories you can read about. These stories not only stand as stories of success but also as inspiration. Below, we have made a list of Indian celebrities that went from rags to riches for you to check out.


Rajnikanth is a South Indian star and the ultimate king of action. Today, he has a huge fanbase, but it hasn't always been like this. Rajnikanth was born in a financially unsound family. 

To support his family, he took up any job he could get. From being a coolie to a bus conductor, he has worked many odd jobs. His career changed when he was offered jobs in mythological plays. After founding his passion for acting, he worked day and night, and he hasn't stopped since then.

Boman Irani

Famous for his role in 3 Idiots, Boman Irani has come a long way from where he began. Like any other person trying to make it out, he too has worked many jobs such as housekeeping staff. He tried his hand at photography, too; however, he found his ultimate passion for acting. 

It was Raju Hirani who realized the potential in the man and introduced him to Bollywood. The man has given everything to his characters. Thus, his characters are now a part of him, and he's known by them. Truly, he is one of those people Bollywood would always remember.

Farah Khan

The feet of Bollywood, Farah Khan, had seen some very dark days before she came to be known as the star choreographer of Bollywood. In her earlier years, her father died due to alcohol addiction. As a result, her family suffered financially.

Adamant on not letting the lack of finance break her will, Farah worked her way to become one of the most famous Bollywood choreographers. You can easily witness her talent in her songs, and it's surprising to know everything she knows she has learned herself.

Akshay Kumar

The Khiladi of Bollywood doesn't have a shiny past as well. Rather, he used to work as a waiter in a hotel in Bangkok. However, his fitness and martial art skills soon found a place in Bollywood.

From a restaurant cook who'd sleep on floors to the man who's loved nationwide, Akshay Kumar has come a long way. Now, you can see him signing autographs, yet he never fails to remain humble and true to his roots. He truly stands proof of what hard work can make you achieve.

Shah Rukh Khan

The king of Bollywood wasn't born in wealth; instead, he came from a humble beginning. If you've seen his movie 'Fan,’ you must be familiar with his initial year. After quitting his degree in mass communication, Shah Rukh Khan traveled to the city of Bollywood.

His hard work and continuous efforts have made him rise to the top. While his initial years weren't easy, he had made sure his later years are. The story of Shah Rukh Khan continues to move people and inspire them to work for their dreams.

Kangana Ranaut

You may call her a misfit, but you can't ignore how KanganaRanaut has changed Bollywood. The woman has always put on a brave face to stand for what she believes is right. She left home when she realized her family wouldn't support her passion. 

In her initial years of separation, she lived only on roti and achar. However, nothing ever broke her spirits. She has worked for the fame she has earned, and she continues to speak for her cause. She is an inspiration for everyone looking to follow their dreams without any support.

Arshad Warsi

Arshad Warsi has been the comic hero of Bollywood for years now. His character in Munna Bhai has been an evergreen role that no one could ever forget. However, you'd be surprised to know that this man quit school in 10th grade and decided to earn a living.

Since then, he has worked as a cosmetic salesman and in a photo lab. The man that he is today is because of his never-breaking spirit. In hopes of making ends meet, he has become the face that will always manage to make you laugh.


Now, you know how some of the most popular Indian celebrities have worked their way from rags to riches. It hasn't been easy for them, but their ability to move forward has made them what they are today. 

Stories like them continue to inspire everyone to follow their hearts and work hard for what they believe in.

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