Sunny Kumar: The Man Behind PortraitFlip

Sunny Kumar

Gifting is a kind way to admire someone. When we talk about gifts, we often consider the price and the occasion for which it is bought.

But what we overlook is that gift is meant to add value to someone’s life. The gifts that you buy for someone often end up being less useful or irrelevant to that person.  Just think about it. How many times has it happened that you received a gift that you found to be not useful?

So what’s the purpose of gifting after all?

Sunny Kumar, the founder of PortraitFlip, realized this and is on a mission to change the gifting experience for all. He believes that gifts are doorways to people’s hearts, and Portraitflip is the medium to deliver it.  Gifting someone a custom handmade painting is a way to deepen your connection with them. What’s more, the Portraits add value to their life.

The story of PortraitFlip started in the dorm room of Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai in September 2017. Sunny Kumar’s friend was searching the Internet for a custom handmade painting to give to his girlfriend. To his failure, he couldn’t find one. After searching the whole internet, he found a website for a custom painting, but it was costing a bomb to deliver in India. 

Thinking that there’s an opportunity, Sunny Kumar went ahead with the idea and established PortraitFlip in July of 2018 intending to create genuine handmade paintings from photographs. The company tied up with artist studios and individual artists from all over the world. In the beginning, the sales were not up to the mark; later it was facilitated with Facebook ads. 

One of the early setbacks of the company happened due to the slow shipping of portraits to the customers. Sunny Kumar efficiently managed the problem by partnering with shipping giants like DHL and FedEx. 

So what does his company PortraitFlip offer?


Here are a few of the painting styles offered at Portraitflip:

     Acrylic paintings.

     Oil painting.


     Charcoal painting

     Pencil sketch

     Colored pencil 

Apart from that, there are various categories like Pet Portraits, Couple Portraits, Baby Portraits, Family Portraits, Christmas Portraits, and Compilation Portraits.

What is Unique about PortraitFlip?


Sunny Kumar and his team adhere to their transparent policies that make PortraitFlip stand out from the crowd.

Here is what makes them different:

     Free shipping worldwide and fast delivery.

     100% Handmade portraits made by professional artists.

     A robust quality control process.

     Unlimited revisions on paintings.

     Pay 30% advance and the rest only after you approve the final painting.

     24x7 online support.

     A preview of the finished painting before shipping.

     No-Questions-asked money-back guarantee (If the customer is not satisfied with the final painting).

     Superior customer service.

The Present:

PortraitFlip Team

Today, PortraitFlip is climbing the ladder of success.

They have served 10,000+ customers worldwide and the company is rated 4.5/5 on TrustPilot.com.

Sunny Kumar at present is working on creating an efficient core team for his company and planning to shelter more than 250 artists by the end of 2021. He is currently aiming to add value to the gifting experience of people. 

You can reach out PortraitFlip at support@portraitflip.com

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